What Is The Best Aluminum Foil For Hookah?

Generally, you can use any type of aluminum foil that existing in the hookah shop or regular grocery stores just you need special tools to cut and punch it.. The foil should be big enough to cover and you should make some holes on it to shisha tobacco can receive charcoal heats. But thinner foil can be burn tobacco faster and thicker foil obviously need more charcoal. Always, you can make a balance for heat with the number of charcoals.

What is the side of aluminum foil for hookah bowl?
When you place the foil tightly over the hookah bowl, make sure the shiny side is facing down so it will retain more heat from the charcoal.

What we can use instead of aluminum foil for covering hookah bowl?
1 - If you have an old stainless steel cheese grater, you could cut one of the sides to fit your bowl with tin snips
2- Cut a soda can and put holes in it
many layers of a mesh screen from window or door

As a result, is hard to make and cut foil properly for covering you hookah tobacco bowl. You can buy preprepared circle aluminum foil pre-punched from any online hookah store or even Amazon today. So, you can set up your hookah shisha faster than before. No need to cut punch or look for that puncher again, with that pre-punched foil you will get quality and heavy duty foil which will save you time and hassle!